The Black Gentleman

With the too often view of the black man as one who is uneducated, improper, or any other way “ignorant” this blog serves as a stage to highlight what we black men truly are.

We are men refined in class, etiquette, and style. We hold ourselves true to the ideals of great character, kindness, integrity, and chivalry.

We are gentleman.

Black Men who do good


Sweetie, you don’t get enough credit.

We see you goin to work everyday in your blue or white collars, taking care of your families, going to college, trying to foster good health, taking that protector-provider role seriously, opening doors, actively raising your children, loving your women, standing firm in faith.

A couple hundred black men from my university alone are gonna walk across that stage in May and get that Degree (some of them are graduating Summa cum laude or Magna cum laude). Some of them are continuing a long legacy of going to college, some of them are gonna be their families first college grads.

Some young black man just get his first job (keep it up, boo).

Some black man is getting his life back on track after a rough patch. We see you.

Some black men I know want to get married, have children, go to church, and do just like their grandmamas tol’em.

Sometimes, I don’t notice the good things you do. At times, I hyper focus on the bad and forget that you’re out there, proving all the bullshit wrong. You work hard, perhaps too hard, and you deserve every last bit of acknowledgement you can get. If I could kiss every last one of you (and the people who raised you, double if you raised yourself), I would.


London Fashion Week street style

Global Village ACF + BKc



Happy Easter!


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Black fatherhood 




Black Excellence: DC Area Triplets Debate Over Which Ivy League School To Attend


Black Excellence: DC Area Triplets Debate Over Which Ivy League School To Attend


Triplets Malik, Ahmad and Khalil Jones are seniors are Georgetown Day School in Washington, D.C. and have a major decision to make within the next couple of weeks. The student athletes,…


"Before them, I didn’t realize that I could value someone more than myself."

Black fatherhood
Black Fatherhood 


Yale Law School students, ca. 1921: Jasper Alston Atkins, Charles A. Chandler, Mifflin Gibbs, and Leroy Pierce. 
Image courtesy of the Jasper Alston Atkins Papers, Yale University Manuscripts & Archives Digital Images Database, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut. 
Retouched by MarmadukePercy.

Beautiful photo.

Louis Armstrong waiting to roll