The Black Gentleman

With the too often view of the black man as one who is uneducated, improper, or any other way “ignorant” this blog serves as a stage to highlight what we black men truly are.

We are men refined in class, etiquette, and style. We hold ourselves true to the ideals of great character, kindness, integrity, and chivalry.

We are gentleman.

Photograph by Vanley Burke

Yes sir

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Yes sir

One end of the brass knuckle scissor can help move design forward, the other end reminds us it may sometimes be a struggle. Scissors gifted by@ruraltailor & 📷 by @marc_haers
Yes sir

Looking for cobloggers


Probably one other guy and two young ladies.

I would like this blog to get more active which I am just not currently able to do with work and just life in general.

Not much of an explanation I know but if you are interested please contact me at either:

Gents Of Houston
IG: @gentsofhouston
Do you have a facebook page?

Sorry, I do not